My first feedback

Hi there,

It was a very exciting day for me today. I got my first feedback!

I wrote Orson’s Lessons in Wealth for children to learn the principles of wealth building. I wanted the book to be a fun way for them to be introduced to these fundamentals, but more than that, I wanted to write a story that children would enjoy.

My first feedback came from a girl who fits my exact target audience – and she loved it. She said that she stayed up late to read it, and when she was forced to go to bed, she got up early the next morning to finish it before school. According to her mum, it was the first time she had been this enthusiastic about a book. This is exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

I know that not all feedback is going to be good, but it felt amazing that my first feedback was so positive.

Oh, and one more thing. She asked when the next book is coming out. I’d better get writing again soon 🙂

Take care


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